❤️This portrait of your friend, will make everyone fall in love!❤️

It's one of the strongest loves there is, the bond with your dog, your cat, horse, rabbit or any pet that has filled part of your life with meaning. That's why at Meliav Digital we understand the desires of our clients.

Portrait of owner lovingly hugging pet

I have had pets all my life, and as my own website says at, we consider them people. That's why we consider them people, because the love they give us is always unconditional.

Beautiful cat portrait for pet lovers

That is why those of us who are dedicated to design and photography do this work with so much love and affection.

This type of portrait was initially a choice of a client who organizes state championships of dog breeds (Westminster Dog Show). When we placed the order with him, custom made, he placed other new orders for us from clients of his. His own customers fell in love with this type of design. So we decided to include it in our store, since then we have seen how this kind of portrait has touched the hearts of many people.

beautiful YorkShire Terrier on a portrait or poster

Personally it makes me very happy to see how my clients are happy with my designs and at the same time love their pets so much 🥰.

It is a precious gift, either for someone else or for ourselves, as it is an unforgettable memory and a beautiful image adorning a wall, or any place in our home or our work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of sizes do you make of this portrait/poster?🖼.

In principle, whenever we receive an order, we send the poster in standard sizes, which are:

File 01 for printing - 4 "x5", 8 "x10", 16 "x20", 40x50cm.

File 02 for printing - ISO A4,A3.(For Europe) 

But the size is also made on customer's request. The size or the ratio that the customer wants.

Beautiful poster and kitten portrait

Can you make my design horizontally 😻?

Of course they can. No problem at all. Once you have made the purchase, tell us that you want it in horizontal, and if you want a specific size to fit perfectly in your frame. 

How long does it take to make this design?⏱

It takes 24 to 48 hours. Although we usually do it before 24 hours.

My pet is neither a dog nor a cat, can I order a portrait? 🐪🐘.

Of course, we have done portraits even of snakes. No problem at all. Just that the image is as sharp as possible and the angle of the photo is from the front if possible. That way the portrait will be much more beautiful and original.

Don't forget that, for any questions or doubts, you can contact us without obligation. It will be a pleasure to help you.

Our store is on Etsy. Etsy is the most prestigious selling website in the world. It is an online platform for handmade products stores. Our store Meliav Digital has 5 stars in customer service. 

Meliav Digital. 5 stars in customer service.

All the designs we make are made with a lot of love. We have many more beautiful designs.

Beautiful Jack Russel Terrier portrait for an unforgettable memory.

Cheer up and make your pet an unforgettable memory!❤️

We are waiting for you!

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