Our pet reads Shakespeare! 📚

❤️An unforgettable intellectual keepsake❤️

It can be charming an intellectual mascot. And it must be because it's one of our best-selling designs. Our adorable cat or dog reading a book. A client who owns a business suggested me to do something original with his pet and reading, so I made his dog Tanos reading books comfortably in his armchair. He was very excited, and since I used that design, many people have bought it to hang it in different places of the house.

Doberman dog reading books. Intellectual dog.

The design is adapted to dogs and cats, and also the hands and legs in the design, are the color of your pet. It will completely look like your dog or cat is a great intellectual. 

An original and unique poster.

You can be sure that this design will not have anyone else but your pet. Inspired in the beginning to decorate and decorate the walls of a business, it has been for us a best seller. And they have ended up decorating other businesses and many homes. Those beautiful faces of our dogs or cats reading a book in a nice armchair does not go unnoticed to anyone.

Poster with dog reading books as an intellectual with sunglasses.

What change can I make in the design?

Generally, we are always open to all kinds of changes as long as it is within our reach to make them. What we want most is that you are happy with your design. Other changes we cannot make. And some changes take time to modify which would carry an extra charge.

In general, the changes we can make within the price (without extra charges) are the following:

-Put the name of our mascot, (it is optional).

-The book. We can put another title to the book.

-The color of the background.

-The tea. 

-Add a vase with flowers.

-Change the floor.

Design of a Labrador retriever reading books.

What are the dimensions of the design?

The sizes are always according to the client's needs. In general we sell the designs with scalable measures 4 "x5", 8 "x10", 16 "x20", (40x50cm). If you ask us for another ratio or other measures, we will be glad to make the poster to the measures you request.

In the case of very large sizes, remember that if the photo you give us of your pet is not of good quality, it is possible that the image of the design will be pixelated.

How long does it take to make the design?

Once the payment is made, it can take between one to two days at the most. But in general we usually have the designs in a maximum of 24 hours. 

Beautiful design of an intellectual cat reading books.

It's a beautiful and elegant design for your pet!

If you know someone who loves their puppy or kitty, this is the perfect gift if you want to surprise them.

If so many customers have liked it, it's for a simple reason, it makes everyone fall in love with their adorable pets reading literary works.

We have made dogs and cats reading works by Poe, Dickens, Alexander Dumas, Lord Byron..., all at the customer's request. 

We encourage you to buy a design that for a very low price you can print and frame an unforgettable souvenir.

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