❤️You will never forget such a special gift!❤️

Portraits have been part of a very special memory, whether in photography or painting. And if we put the two together.... We are sure that it would be a very special memory. In Meliav Digital we do it in a professional way and in a very short time.

Beautiful portrait of MeliavDigital with your pet. Peronalized poster.

In Meliav Digital we have united these two concepts, how, in a very special way. Choose the photo you have with your dog, or your cat or any pet, and we make a portrait or poster with vivid colors and layers of drawing that will make that photo unforgettable forever.

We draw all the small details so that you have a very vivid effect and a sense of movement in your photo.

Those of us who have pets know that we love them as if they were people, that's why we try that all our designs in have a touch of love combined with originality. No one in the whole world will have a portrait like yours.

Beautiful poster drawing with your pet. Fully customizable design.

You don't have a photo with your pet or you want to unite more people in the same photo, no problem. Send us the photo of your pet, and the photo of the people you want to be in the portrait, and we will join them all together for you.

Take a selfie! 

Don't you have a picture taken with your pet, then take a selfie, it's very easy, just follow these steps:

-Make sure it is a place with good lighting.
-Make sure there are no shadows on the faces.
-The photo should not be blurred or the image quality should not be too low.

And you will see what a beautiful portrait or poster we will make of that photo! You will fall in love with it and it will be an unforgettable souvenir.

Unforgettable souvenir created by Meliav Digital for your decorate your home.

Frequently asked questions:

What pets can I use in the portrait?

You can use any type of pet, since at Meliav Digital we directly portray the photo or image you send us.

Can I have more pets in the photo?

Of course, send us any type of image, we only ask that the quality is acceptable so that you don't have problems when you enlarge it.

Can I send you photos of pets or people to add to the portrait?

Of course you can, we are professionals in digital and graphic design. You can send us people or animals of any kind separately, and we will put them together in the same image.

How long does it take to make the design?

The design takes between 24 and 48 hours. It is usually available within 24 hours, but it also depends on the changes you want to make once the design is finished.

Do you ship to my home?

We do not ship physical posters, as shipping and tax policies in some countries have changed (especially in Europe), and have ended up hurting deliveries. In other cases shipments are held up in customs. That is why we prefer to send it digitally. 

In the future we plan to resume shipments, but only to certain countries where they do not jeopardize the shipments.

Can I get the design in less time?

Yes, if you buy our "express design" coupon you will have it in 6 hours.

Beautiful design portrayed and painted with your pet.

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