A unique gift in MeliavDigital!!!

One of the most practiced sports nowadays by middle-aged people is Pilates. Much little known by many, but it is really very healthy and beneficial to overall health.

Pilates basically consists of controlled breathing exercises, isometric exercises and work in a controlled and gradual way the different muscle groups.

The funny of all this is to see our precious pets doing it.

Cute dogs and cats practicing Pilates

In our Meliav Digital store we have created a beautiful design with different pets practicing pilates. A client asked us to create a design with his pet exercising. We came up with the idea of making different mascots with pilates positions, since the poster was for a health and fitness center. 

Are there variations or alternatives in this design?

Yes, we can do this design separately. That is, each mascot in a different frame. To make a collage, it looks really nice.

Another alternative is to write inside the design the word "pilates" or "gym".

What measures does it have?

This design measures 8x10 or Letter, and in Europe the equivalent of ISO A4.

If you want to decorate your workplace, your business or your home with a nice animal design of a beautiful pet practicing pilates, cheer up, it is a nice gift for yourself or for another animal lover.

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