Bathtubs and fantasy, the new fashion for pets!

The trend of bathtubs with our adorable pets!

Cute bathtubs have become fashionable for two reasons; as a decorative element for our bathrooms and as a reminder of the vintage and retro era. 

A beautiful design of our pet inside a bathtub is a very original gift. Undoubtedly it is a beautiful gift for ourselves or for someone dear to us.

The bathtubs have a retro design, it is the most requested by our customers. 

Beautiful bright yellow poster with the mascot inside the bathtub.

What kind of bathtub design do we do?

We make a vintage type of bathtub because it is the most demanded by our customers and it really looks very original in any bathroom with our beautiful mascot bathing.

The types of bathtub designs that we design for our beloved pets are the following;

-Illuminated bathtub poster:

Beautiful poster design illuminating your pet with a special electric light.

This type of bathtub has a very nice effect of light blurred with very nice shadows, which makes it a very eclectic design but at the same time vintage. It is one of the artistic designs that we sell the most in Meliav Digital.

This poster is very youthful and goes great in many places in the home, and many types of bathrooms. We have also sold it in veterinary clinics and leisure places where they work with animals. It transmits very cheerful and optimistic colors.

-Black and white bathtub poster:

Nice black and white poster design with the pet taking a nice bath.

It is the most classic and retro design with our mascot. But at the same time it is enormously fun and original. It is also one of the best sellers among Meliav Digital posters.

-Black and white poster with the colorful bathtub:

Beautiful black and white poster with the yellow bathtub with your pet inside.

Beautiful and very original design. Many customers asked me for this type of design, and as in Meliav Digital we like to create new things, we have decided to create it to meet the request of our customers.

-Poster with the green bathtub: 

Poster bestseller. Personalized design of your pet in a bathtub.

It is a beautiful model, since green is very popular and combines almost always with everything. Undoubtedly your pet will look beautiful in this poster.

-Poster with white bathtub:

Personalized poster. Design of a pet inside the white bathtub.

It is the same as the green poster, with the only difference that the bathtub is white. It is even easier to combine with elements of the bathroom or other places in the house, and it is a more refined design. The white bathtub adds a lot of elegance to the poster. And your pet will look like in a luxury hotel or is a presidential suite in that bathtub!.

-Fantasy poster: 

Vintage bathtub mascot poster . Fancy colors.

This poster has speckles or dots of the bathtub color scattered throughout the design, which gives it a very nice fantasy touch. It is also one of the best sellers of the collection.

What pets can I include in these posters?

In these posters you can include your favorite pet. Dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, ferret, snake, parrot, parrot, parrot, lizard, chameleon or even people, or fictional characters.

Our profession is to design, we are professionals and we are dedicated to make your design as beautiful as possible and that you like and enjoy it.

Can I include fictional characters in this design?

Of course, in this and in any of the designs we make. Once you have made the purchase, send us a message with the photo of the fictional character you want, and we will do it for you without any problem.

Picachu in a vintage bathtub poster

How to place an order?

-Through our contact form.

-By our Etsy store and sending us a message:

We have 5 stars in customer service.

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