Your pet is an astronaut!!

According to the dictionary, an astronaut or cosmonaut is a trained person, equipped to take a ship and travel into space, either as a pilot or crew. And traveling into space can refer to a satellite, where they get to live for months to do repairs and other tasks. Travel to the Moon, or even travel to Mars as already scheduled.

Who is in charge of these trips is NASA. We are all in love with such an impressive and advanced institution and admire how they can make a man-made machine do such incredible things.

Your pet is going to space!!!

Can you imagine your pet dressed as an astronaut?

Well, imagine it because it is possible with the designs or posters that we do in Meliav Digital. We personalize them with all kinds of pets; dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, parrots, lizards, snakes, chameleons, horses, etc.
And of course we also personalize people. Imagine what a nice gift you would give to someone in a NASA astronaut suit.

What kind of custom astronaut suits do we use?

We use two different types of astronaut suits for the posters. One is a beautiful orange suit, the one used for certain missions. And the other one is the white one, the most typical and well known. The white color of the suits is due to an important reason. Decades ago, the suits were silver, but they did not reflect light properly. They discovered that white reflects solar radiation much more, therefore it protects more from sunlight in space. Since on Earth, the atmosphere is responsible for protecting us from solar radiation.

Sizes of the designs:

You will receive two JPG files in high resolution, scalable to various sizes.

  • File 1 : to print in 4 "x5", 8 "x10", 16 "x20", 40x50cm.
  • File 2 : to print on - A4. or Letter if you are from USA.

Design choices you can make:

  • Change the flag on the suit.
  • Put the personalized name written on the suit.
  • Put the personalized name written on the background.
  • Put the Moon in the background.
  • Put the Universe in the background.
  • Change the background to another color.

What kind of astronaut poster designs do we have?

Giraffe dressed as an astronaut
Astronaut giraffe

Cat dressed as an astronaut
Your pet in an astronaut suit

Personalized astronaut poster
Personalized astronaut poster. Orange suit.
Alf in an orange astronaut suit
Our beloved Alf in an astronaut suit.

How can I buy these designs and customize them?

It is very simple. Just go to our Etsy store:, go to "messages" and send the photo and the name you want to customize.  Once the purchase is done, we will send you the personalized design within 24 to 48 hours.

A few tips;
If you want your poster to be large, it is important that the image you send me of your pet or the person you wish to personalize is of good quality. With today's cell phones is enough, in general they usually have good resolution. 
And make sure that the photo is taken from an angle that shows the face well, and that it is not too dark or has many shadows. 

The Giraffe Astronaut Art Print. Printable Poster, Instant Digital Download, Nursery , Modern Minimalist.

Astronaut Portrait Custom and Personalized. Wall Art Design, DIGITAL DOWNLOAD , Printable, Poster, Canvas for gift.

Astronaut Portrait Custom and Personalized. Wall Art Design, DIGITAL DOWNLOAD , Printable, Poster, Canvas for gift.

Make a special, original and unique gift!

It is certainly a gift price and unforgettable, because being dressed as an astronaut is something that makes your pet is very special. And in the case of personalizing a person, it is an equally unique and special gift.
Etsy is a prestigious website worldwide. And our Etsy store has 5 stars in customer service, the highest rating. All of our customers are satisfied with their designs.

We have 5 stars in customer service.
We have 5 stars in customer service.

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