If we were to think of a cat or a dog taking a bath in a beautiful vintage bathtub, it would seem crazy. But that's what's so special about Meliav Digital's original designs. As we love animals we like them to have human qualities to make them more charming and closer to us.

So yes. We make beautiful designs of all kinds of pets taking a bath and then drying themselves with a towel. 

We love to give our beloved pets human qualities. It makes them so much more special. There is no doubt that the love we feel for them cannot be expressed in words. Let alone all the love and affection that our pets bring us unconditionally.

First: we have a kitten or dog bathing with a sponge in his hand. 

And then we have another design in which he dries himself with a towel. 

And a third design where he is bathing with the towel on his head. The first two designs or the three would go very well together, because they are the same theme told in the form of a story. 

Cat taking a nice bath with a sponge.
Cat taking a nice bath with a sponge.

Cute cat drying himself with a towel after bathing
Cute cat drying himself with a towel after bathing

Dog taking a bath with a towel on his head.
Dog taking a bath with a towel on his head.

What are the sizes of these designs?

The sizes of these beautiful designs are as follows:

Printable JPG file- 4 "x5", 8 "x10", 16 "x20", 40x50cm.

Printable JPG file - ISO A4, A3.

However, these sizes are fully customizable. If you have a frame with a different ratio, don't worry, because we always adapt it to the size you want.

If you wish, you can make it bigger. The quality of our designs is high resolution. But it depends a lot on the image you send us of your pet. If the image is of good quality there is no problem. But sometimes customers send us a nice image, but with a somewhat limited resolution, and then you can enlarge it, but it would lose some quality.

Where can I hang my posters?

Clients usually buy these types of designs from me to place them in bathrooms, or in places where there are a lot of animals. For example, I have a veterinarian client who makes me many orders to decorate his office and some dog shows he does. 

It is a beautiful souvenir of your pet. Any place is ideal to show the love you have for your pet. 

What types of pets do you personalize?

We personalize all types of pets. Not only dogs and cats. We have also personalized hamsters, rabbits, parrots... in the tub.  And a client asked us to make a design with his snake in the bathtub. And it was really beautiful.

We also customize people!

Many times we are asked if a person is possible. Of course it is. We have done it several times. And it really looks very nice. The bubbles can be moved to cover certain parts if you wish.

Make a unique and original gift!

No doubt this is a totally personalized gift that no other person is going to have from your pet. And if you give it to someone it is the perfect gift. We all feel a great love for our companions at home. Meliavdigital Store
We have 5 stars in customer service. You will get the perfect gift!

For any other questions we invite you to visit our online store, or to send us a message or contact us.

Inside the Etsy store, there is a button where it says "message", and from there you can ask us any questions you want. 

We will be happy to assist you. 

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