The astronaut cat and the laser.

 The astronaut cat and the laser

Have you ever seen a cat chasing the red dot of a laser? It is impressive the energy they use to try to hunt it.

According to a study done at a university in the United States, cats are stimulated by the hunting instinct, that is the reason why they try to hunt the red dot of the laser.

In the same way they stay watching small insects that go unnoticed by the human eye.

cat dressed as NASA astronaut,

There are hyperactive kittens that it is convenient to run and play to spend that energy that is left over. And the laser is a good option. Always taking care not to overload the cat with fatigue. And in case the laser is used by a child, be careful not to overuse it on the cat or project the laser directly into his eyes.

When I designed this beautiful astronaut cat, I was inspired to remember how my kitties chase the red dot of the laser.

Personalized poster design with vintage NASA costume

This beautiful design is suitable for any kind of cat breed and even for any animal or person. And it can be made to any size. With a beautiful background where you can see the planet Earth or the Moon. With a background of any color or even without background for those who wish to put a custom background.

There are customers who send me a background of an image that they like, and that is the one I put in the background of the design. Right behind the astronaut. 

If you want your pet (dog, cat, human, rabbit, chameleon...) to have a modern NASA astronaut suit and look in a beautiful frame on the wall of your home, just click on the image and we will make it for you.

This poster is a perfect and original personalized gift. We have two different models of astronauts costumes, one more modern and current NASA, and another more vintage and classic orange.

Chihuahua dog dressed in vintage NASA costume

The classic model is the one I sell the most, I guess for the followers and lovers of the 80's.

An ideal gift for a loved one or for your pet. 

More original impossible! :)

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