ALF is back in an airplane!

  ALF is back in an airplane!

Can you imagine going to a coffee shop to have coffee with your friends and see the charming ALF as a waiter?

Yes, to design this beautiful poster we have been inspired by the 80's, that glorious and charming era where characters as special and sweet as ALF, or KIT of the "fantastic car" and many more, have marked the lives of those who lived those years.

Beautiful poster of ALF flying an airplane.

Let's go back to that bar or cafeteria where we met the charming Alf. It is clear that there are no cats around...

We talk to him and he tells us that before being a waiter he has traveled the world in an airplane.  The airplane poster is charming, and of course we can customize it for any character you like, or for your pet, be it a dog, a cat or any animal. ;)

Alf keeps talking and tells us that he has also traveled to space, and shows us a beautiful poster dressed as an astronaut. Seeing ALF dressed as an astronaut with the Moon or the Earth in the background is not surprising, because we all know that ALF is an alien and comes from another planet. 

Poster of ALF as a bartender

That's why we decided to join two charming sagas like Doctor Who and ALF getting out of the Tardis. Can you imagine ALF getting out of the Tardis and going on adventures? Well, living adventures or chasing kittens....

All these original and beautiful posters can be personalized with the characters of your choice. Of course the ALF collection is very special because of the meaning it has. There is a client who has bought me the complete collection to decorate his house with the same theme of charming aliens from the 80's. 

Poster of ALF coming out of the Tardis

If you want any special ALF design that you can't find in my ETSY store, you can contact me and ask for it, we can design it for you.

Can you imagine ALF driving a Vespa, we have designed a beautiful poster like this.

ALF driving a Vespa poster

If you also like other movie sagas and series of the 80's, don't forget that we also have the charming ET, who made a generation fall in love with scenes like the flying bike, a symbol of freedom and the wonderful youth.

Poster of ALF dressed as a NASA astronaut on the moon.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be willing to help you find the design you want so that your poster is beautiful adorning the wall of your home.

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