Giraffe, a very special animal.

 Giraffe, a very special animal.

Without a doubt, the giraffe is a charming animal.

Who hasn't seen an adventure movie filmed in the jungle? Surely there were giraffes!

The giraffe is a beautiful animal, which is also endangered. Within this animal there are several different species, all equally beautiful. The problem is that in most African countries where they were abundant, they have been disappearing.

Did you know that all giraffes differ in the way their hair grows? Yes, they do. As if they were fingerprints.

Giraffe flying an airplane.

The legs of giraffes are very wide compared to the thickness of their legs. But the length is a lot! An adult giraffe can grow up to 5 meters tall. Wow, that's a lot. In fact, it is the tallest mammal in the world.

The little horns on their heads are found on both males and females.

Another curiosity of this beautiful animal is the neck. This long and spectacular neck makes it very easy for them to eat from the trees and reach food at high altitudes. But it also makes it difficult for them to reach the ground. So when they go to drink water, they open their legs.

Similarly, giraffes can go for several days without drinking water. Can you imagine these giraffes going for several days without drinking a single drop of water? Of course, the giraffe is an animal that has a resistance and a design very different from ours.

Another curiosity of the giraffe is the design of its legs. Those beautiful "socks" are for the blood to flow back to the heart with ease. In fact, NASA studied the anatomy of the giraffe's legs when making spacesuits that would resist changes in gravity and pressure.

Giraffe trying to reach the moon.

In fact in we have a very nice and cute design of a giraffe astronaut.

Our precious giraffe friends have a very big heart. In fact it weighs more than 10 kilos. 

Woman holding beautiful poster of Giraffe dressed as an astronaut.

Isn't it interesting? What a pity that it is in extinction.

In Meliav Digital, as great nature lovers we have created several giraffe designs. Many of them with a sense of humor to make their presence more pleasant. 

Can you imagine a giraffe flying a plane, or riding a Vespa with a Bengal tiger, well that has been possible with our imagination. In Meliavdigital you can find them. No doubt it would be a very special gift for any animal lover.

We also have very nice giraffe portraits. Precious details when decorating a room, or to set a place where there are animals or teach about the environment. In a school a teacher asked us for several animal portraits, and one of them is the giraffe.

Giraffe riding Vespa scooter with a tiger. Design decorating room.

As we always say, our designs are all customizable. We can change the background, or make different touches depending on the design. Fun designs to teach love for animals to the youngest.

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