Ferret. The friend that will make you laugh.

 Ferret. The friend that will make you laugh.

Do you want a pet that will make you laugh?.

Without a doubt, this is the small and funny ferret. A tiny and very funny animal. It seems to be happy all day long and just wants to play and make others laugh.

They are the offspring of weasels, and brother to the polecat. If we saw a polecat and a ferret we would hardly distinguish them because they are identical. So what's the difference? Very simple, the polecat is a wild animal, and the ferret is the same version but domesticated. The ferret can live in community with other animals and with other humans. While the polecat is a very territorial and solitary animal.

Ferret posing in a portrait. Online printable design.

The domesticated ferret comes from the ancient polecat, which was used in Europe to hunt rabbits and mice. As a good weasel, it is an expert in going into hidden and unusual places. And it is then when little by little it has been domesticated to become the ferret we know today.

This precious animal was used in different rural areas of the United States at the end of the 19th century to prevent mice from eating the grain. They prevented the entry of mice and also protected and chased those mice that dared to invade forbidden ground. A kind of very skilled and profitable night guardian.

Ferret bathing. Printable portrait on Etsy.

Did you know that the original word for ferret comes from the Latin "furittus", which means "little ferret". Oops, how bad that sounds.... But don't panic. The ferret does not steal, it is believed that this name came from the habit of hiding small things.

And although it is no longer the same ferret of a century ago, today it is a charming, very funny and sociable animal that has won the hearts of many families and especially of many children and young people. Since the end of the last century it has had an important increase as a domestic animal.

Ferret piloting an airplane. Beautiful printable decorating a room.

They have a very thin and flexible anatomy that allows them to hide in any corner, and go through small holes.

They usually live between 7 and 9 years old. Ferrets have something in common with cats, both are more active at night.

They feed basically on feed, but it is also recommended to give them protein food such as eggs, chicken, turkey, tuna, etc...

If you wish to have a ferret, it is advisable to take it to a veterinarian for a check up. 

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Young ferret posing in a portrait.

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