Decoration details.

Interior design basics.

The choice of color.

Sometimes it can seem a little complicated, especially if we think about the number of shades of colors that exist. But never let that discourage you. The colors that we use in Meliav Digital for the designs are very vivid colors, very appropriate for places where you want to bring life. Our main theme is always nature, love for animals and a sense of humor. We use humor as a common thread to that love for nature and animals.

Never get discouraged when decorating, it is very normal to think how to fit everything to make it beautiful. The prints we sell at can be decorated with a multitude of different frames. Combining our designs with many frames, gives a wide possibility to decorate with many colors.

Young woman holding a picture of Alf and Chewbacca riding a Vespa scooter.

The most important thing for us is that our artistic designs inspire, decorate, teach and decorate.

When decorating a room, think about what the room will be used for. If it will be used a lot, the age of the people who will be using it, if it will be a recreational or dining space. If there will be room for pets. 

Choosing the color would be the next step. Professionals always work with a base of three colors, which are; neutral, dark and light. Warm colors convey a cooler feeling but on the other hand give the appearance of spaciousness. Warm or dark colors give a feeling of warmth and are generally more welcoming. It is important to choose first the color of the walls, and if you find it difficult to choose, look at the color of the big furniture, and you can take these as a reference.

Kitten and Labrador dog in a happy bath.

Of course we must not forget the amount of sunlight that will enter the room. Small details such as changing cushions and other decorative elements can greatly change the appearance of light and the overall look of the room.

Where to place the furniture is also not an easy decision, so don't worry if you find it complicated at first. Decorating professionals always recommend to make a sketch on a blank paper, and go placing more or less the furniture, so it will be easier to have a good perspective.

Even so, it is normal to try several attempts until we have the perfect decoration for us.

Polar bear baby chooses to drink coffee better than love.

The decorations for the windows is also a task that often takes time. But it's very simple, you just have to ask yourself, how bright do you want the room to be? and do you want curtains that make the view transparent?

In Meliav Digital we always use warm colors, soft, but at the same time cheerful. A very cozy room if you add elements of animals or related to nature. And it will be a very cheerful and lively room if you decorate it with artistic designs of unforgettable characters. 

Bugs Bunny orchestra conductor.

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