Which animal is the best driver?

We decided to ask a rhetorical question to talk about a very nice design, airplanes. We are nature lovers, and we have decided to create airplanes flying with a touch of fantasy. These little planes piloted by animals and pets make a very funny combination, and it is perfect to decorate walls, brighten up rooms and any place you want to give a touch of originality.

Artistic design of Yorkshire flying an airplane.

In this artistic design we have once again united wild animals and pets together with everyday objects of daily life. At Meliav Digital we love nature and the environment, and we want to reflect this love in our artistic designs. 

Personalizing human qualities in animals brings the love for animals closer to the youngest ones.

We have a wide variety of wild animals taking to the skies in this beautiful airplane. And we're going to keep adding to it little by little. 

Do you have a favorite animal that you would like to have as a pilot, we will make the design for you. It's very simple, you send us a direct message on Etsy with the animal you want and we will make it for you. Sometimes there are animals that we can not design, because they are very rare or the quality you send us is not enough. But don't hesitate to ask us, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Young woman holding artistic design of a fox flying an airplane.

Custom airplane pilot designs.

If you want the pilot to be your mascot in one of our artistic designs...it is possible! Send us a message on the Etsy page and we will make it for you. In no time you will be able to download and print it, it would be a perfect gift for yourself or for a friend who loves their pet.

Young woman holding artistic design of Gizmo character flying airplane.

The only thing we need is a photo of the pet where you can see the face well and it has good quality. Because if the quality is too bad, it won't look nice when it's time to implement it in the design. 

Don't worry if you have doubts about the quality or size of a customizable design. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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