Printing is very easy!

 Glossy paper and matte paper.

The main difference between the two is the contrasting finish you see of the printed products on either. A glossy finish will look ultra smooth and shiny. It is also very color rich and vibrant. While matte paper offers a more muted and subtle finish. 

In our designs we tend to recommend glossy paper on most occasions. Although it also depends a lot on the customer's taste. The designs we sell are of high quality (300 dpi). 

Giraffe enjoys a bath in a bathtub. Bathroom decoration.

The prints look much better and the colors look more natural. Sometimes we sell different ratios. "Ratio" is the name we give in photography to the shape of the frame, photo or print. For example, if we buy a frame for a nice wedding photo, the frame must fit the height and width dimensions of our nice photo. 

In Meliav Digital we make different ratios so that the customer has more possibilities to adapt the design to the frame. Or simply for the customer to choose the design he likes the most. Many of our customers use our designs as posters, and do not use frames, which is also great.

We are often asked if we can do physical shipping. And we would really love to be able to do for those customers who want the print already printed. But we are constantly on the road, and added to the pandemic issue it makes it even more complicated for us, but we do not rule out doing it in the future. Never forget, for any questions, we are also available at (Etsy shop).

Here you can find more detailed information on how to make a correct printing (in English);

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