My pet is an astronaut!

 Man has stepped on the Moon! It is a phase that is not so relevant for us today. But 60 years ago it was an event that changed the whole world and will never be forgotten again. 

Fashions are coming back with a very nice retro and vintage feel. An era marked by discoveries and technology, which for our generation today is very decorative and curious.

Within this great fashion of retro and vintage, in Meliav Digital we have thought to join the technological aspect with nature and make a very special artistic union to decorate and decorate the walls of your home.

Cute cat dressed as astronaut

These designs can be used in infant or juvenile places like bedrooms or nurseries, places where you work with animals, as in a veterinarian etc...  It has many uses, and all of them very cheerful, as the design is very friendly and optimistic. All the characters we use as astronauts are intended to transmit good vibes and brighten up any place.

There are several customers who have written to Meliav Digital asking us for several artistic designs of personalized astronauts. That is, with their own mascot. And no problem, they just need to write us a private message on Etsy and send us a picture of their mascot. It is very important that the image of the mascot is of good quality and the face is clearly visible. There are times when we can see the image well on our cell phone, but when we enlarge it, it loses resolution. And in Meliav Digital we always try to keep the resolution as high as possible so that when we print it in different dimensions, it does not lose quality.

Female customer showing artistic design of panda bear astronaut dress.

Here we have a beautiful artistic design of a Panda bear dressed as an astronaut. We have many more wild animal designs that you can see in our store on Etsy.

Custom art designs.

Do you want to see your pet as an astronaut, then do not hesitate, it will be a very original gift. If the photo of the mascot is for someone else, it is certainly a very nice gift too.

Do not hesitate to write us a message on Etsy for any questions, we will be happy to help you.

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