Traveler Alf in a Ferrari.

Do you like to travel? Without a doubt, traveling is something we all love to do. But if we do it in a beautiful and luxurious vintage Ferrari, and with the company of our friend Alf, then it's the perfect trip!

This is a beautiful minimalist design that we have created in Meliav Digital, it is inspired by the most famous and beloved alien of the 80s. In this case we have decided to respect the enormous beauty of the luxurious Ferrari and keep the retro style of the travel cases. It seems that Alf has traveled back in time and has gone back to make a wonderful trip around the USA in the 50s.

Alf driving vintage Ferrari

When looking for a frame, any one to suit the client's taste would do. As Alf is a cheerful, optimistic and charming character, he is suitable for all kinds of audiences and environments. 

They sent us a nice email to Meliav Digital, it was a travel agency in Toronto that wanted this custom design, with the name of the agency.  I was very happy that the client chose such a nice place. Undoubtedly any space is ideal, because the wonderful Alf, always brightened up our lives and always will. 

Although we only work with artistic animal designs, we can make some changes.


This is a design that we can customize as follows; 

-Putting a name at the top. 

-Removing the background and leaving it without background.

-Removing the background and changing it for a white background.

-Changing the background to another color.

-Changing Alf for another character, real or fictional.

If you want to change the character for another one, or for a real person, make sure that the image is from the front, with a good resolution. And that it is alone, because if it is a group photo, it will not look good.

Boston terrier driving vintage Ferrari

The cost of changing Alf for another character is $3 extra. To remove or change the background for another color, there is no cost.

We hope you like this nice minimalist design with a mix of avant-garde and vintage. It is very original and you won't find it anywhere else. Enjoy it very much. HAVE A NICE DAY AND BE HAPPY!!!

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