The wonderful world of the Muppets

❤️ The unforgettable Muppets will always be in our hearts ❤️

Almost all of us who were born in the last century.... . Well, at the end of the last century we have seen some chapter of the Muppets. The famous Sesame Street series, and characters as fantastic as Elmo or Cookie Monster....

Sweet Cookie Monster in Laundry. Sesame Street

We have recreated some nice sheets with the Muppets in a laundromat. Of course, it is a minimalist laundry room as it could be in any corner of our house. We have also tried to keep the bright and cheerful colors that surround the wonderful Muppet character to maintain the joy and positivity in the image.

The prints are full of life because we try to make them brighten up any wall as much as possible. And much more if you are going to decorate a children's area, because although our little ones have not met the Muppets, they are suitable for any age and generation. The sympathy and laughter that the Muppets have given us in Sesame Street has made us fall in love and has contributed to enlighten our childhood.

I hope that all those of you who buy the prints will continue to be filled with light and good memories.

Buy a unique and unforgettable design now!

To buy one of our designs you can contact us by clicking on the "contact" tab, or send us a message at ETSY:

How do I make the payment?

It's very simple. Buying in our Etsy store; Meliav Digital, through "customer order" in this link. Once the purchase is done, send us a message with the design you want. Once the payment is done, the shipment can take a maximum of 12 hours if it is not personalized.

And a maximum of 24 hours if it is personalized. (For example put a name or a different image).

*All non-customized designs in our Etsy store are for immediate download. Once payment is made, they are downloaded immediately to your email or device. 

Custom orders" and "customer orders" take a little longer due to their different nature.

What designs do I receive?

You will receive 2 high resolution designs or posters. Both at 300 dpi (or PPI) which you can print in these scales:

-01 for printing - 4 "x5", 8 "x10", 16 "x20", 40x50cm.

-02 for printing - ISO A4,A3. (For Europe)

If you want a different scale or ratio we will do it for you free of charge. 

Is it reliable to buy in your store?

Of course it is. My store is on the Etsy platform. It is one of the most prestigious platforms in the world and is based in the United States and Canada. The payment system is very varied and secure. Although it accepts the old PayPal payment system, it has modern encrypted payments and much more secure.

We have 5 stars in customer service.

The excellent rating of our customers endorse us

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