Sweet kittens

This is a beautiful print of two kittens sitting, while one of them is entertained by a little bird. It reminds us of how beautiful and how nice it is to have a cat at home. The companionship they give us is invaluable. Although it is true that it is a very independent animal, it is equally affectionate with the human being who takes care of it and pampers it. And for those who let their pet sleep in bed or on the sofa, they understand how nice it is to feel them lying next to us.

This printable sheet is designed with light strokes that simulate a bit those classic paintings drawn with a brush.

I have used soft colors but at the same time I have highlighted the bright colors of the little bird to highlight the center of attention of the sheet, which is the kitten entertained looking at the little bird. Meanwhile, the other kitten remains relaxed thinking deeply about life's worries.

I hope you like it very much and enjoy it. Best regards!